The ADDERView CATx 4000 Series is a range of secure, KVM CATx switches providing 4 concurrent users with BIOS-level control of up to 24 multiplatform servers

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The ADDERView CATx Series is a range of secure, KVM via CATx switches that provides 4 concurrent local, remote or global users with BIOS-level control of up to 24 multiplatform servers. A "plug-and-play," 1U appliance, the ADDERView CATx is a completely self-contained system that installs in minutes combining high security, flexibility, integrated remote power control, faultless quality video and optional CD quality audio. 

The two members of the series are the ADDERView CATx supporting 16 or 24 CATx computer connections, 4 simultaneous users (1x local PS/2 or USB, 4 x remote over CATx) and the ADDERView CATx IP supporting 16 or 24 CATx computer connections, 4 simultaneous users (1x local PS/2 or USB, 2 x remote over CATx, 1 x global over IP).

Exceptionally high video performance to local, remote and global users.

True multi-platform support.

Flash upgradeable CAMs available for PS/2, USB and Legacy Sun keyboard and mouse support with optional audio.

Country code reporting.

DDC and keyboard and mouse emulation.

PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse control.

Expand using CATx cascade connections with simple user intuitive set up.

Optional CD quality audio when using correct Computer Access Module (CAM).

Power control functions supported via dedicated serial port.

Enterprise grade security (using AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication).

Global users (IP) can chose between HTTP or RealVNC for highly secure connections and high performance.


Physical design

ADDERView CATx:  1U high metal case 482mm/19” (w), 215mm/8.5” (d), 45mm/1.8” (h)
ADDERView CATxIP: 1U high metal case 482mm/19” (w), 280mm/8.5” (d), 45mm/1.8” (h)
(Rack mount kits included)

Local KVM console connection

Video: HDD15
Keyboard/Mouse: MiniDin6 / USB type A
Audio: 3.5mm stereo jack

Computer and remote CATx user connections

All RJ45 style
Network port (ADDERView IP models only)
RJ45 10/100Mb auto-sensing Ethernet port

Power connections

IEC style power lead (100 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz)
Redundant via 2.5mm DC jack (5V DC, 6A)

Other connectors

DB9 female for flash upgrade, syncing boxes and other special functions
DB9 male for RS232 triggered power switches
DB9 Male (ADDERView IP only) for modem connection

Hardware compatibility

Supports PC, Sun (USB & 8-pin styles), Mac (USB), RS/6000, Alpha and SGI computers using PS/2, USB or Sun Computer Access Modules

Software compatibility

Operates with all known software and operating systems including Windows (all); DOS; Linux, Unix, BSD; all Sun OS; all Mac OS; NetWare

Operating Temperature

0 - 40 deg C (32 to 104 deg F)



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