The CCS-PRO8 enables users to interact with up to eight computers using a single mouse. The operator can simply move the cursor across screen borders to instantly select the computer they need to control providing the experience of a single desktop – a great saving in both time and desk space.

  • Seamless switching between computers
  • Multiple computers, multiple monitors, single keyboard and mouse
  • No software required for single screen computers
  • Improved desk ergonomics
  • Interactive light modules for screen identification

Improved desk ergonomics
Only one keyboard and mouse is required to operate up to eight computers. The desk space can be made more ergonomically effective and reduces the time taken for operators to multiplex to different systems.

Seamless switching by mouse control with Free-Flow technology
Free-Flow allows users to automatically switch between target computers simply by moving the mouse pointer from screen to screen.

Instant switching with True USB Emulation
Adder’s True USB Emulation technology overcomes limitations of other KVM switches by emulating the true character of the connected devices to all the computers simultaneously. This means that you can use the extra function keys, wheels, buttons and controls, without sacrificing switching times.

Independent simultaneous device selection
Switching options enable you to use the keyboard and mouse on one computer whilst your USB peripherals and speakers are independently connected to different computers. You can of course still switch all the connected devices to any one of the connected computers.

Redundant power
For mission critical applications, dual power inlets are now available.

Multi Monitor Free-Flow
The system is able to support up to eight monitors per computer. To enable Free-Flow on multi-monitor computers, a driver must be installed on the target computer. (Windows only).

Audio Mixing
Users can choose which source audio to hear. Nominate all or your own choice of computer(s) audio, no matter which computer you are using.

Keep-alive function
Users have the option to choose which computers stay alive. This prevents target computers from sleeping while not in use. External control options The unit can be controlled and switched via hotkeys, mouse clicks, Ethernet or RS232. With the open API, the unit can be easily set up and integrated into 3rd party systems.

Screen illumination module
The CCS-XB8 expansion module is an optional accessory which connects to the CCS-PRO8. It provides the option to have a LED indicator on each screen to identify which screen you are currently controlling. The color and intensity can be controlled for each screen. A maximum of ten LED indicators can be supported.

Hardware compatibility
All computers equipped with USB2.0 connections.

Software compatibility
All known operating systems for single screens except Linux operating systems, which often have no native support for absolute mouse positioning. Free-Flow works by reporting absolute mouse coordinates. If you wish to use Free-Flow with a Linux operating system then a Udev rule needs to be applied. See the firmware updates page on our website for details. Free-Flow Configuration and firmware upgrade programs are available for use with Windows only.

Computer connections
Audio 3.5mm in x 8, USB2.0 type B x 8.

User console connections
Audio 3.5mm out x 1, USB type A x 2 (Console- USB2.0 Low and Full Speed), USB type A x2 (Enumerated USB2.0.)

USB specification for console connection
Supports up to six Low or Full Speed devices. Keyboards which support multiple devices behind a hub can now be supported. The USB class of the supported devices on the console port is limited to HID devices only. It is not possible to use other USB devices e.g. card readers, memory sticks or touch screens on the console port. These devices need to be connected to the enumerated USB ports on the switch.

Physical design
Robust metal construction. 433mm/17” (w), 30mm/1.2” (h), 158mm/6.2” (d), 1.57kg/3.5lbs.

Toby 3 pin jack x 2 (one power adapter included),100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 0.7A, input to power adapter. 12VDC, 18W output from power adapter.

Connection to CCS8:
10p10c connector via cable VSC46.

Operating temperature
0 to 40ºC / 32 to 104ºF.


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