ADDER FreeFlow

Unique technology from the experts in connectivity. FreeFlow – Automated mouse switching

The ADDER FreeFlow represents true innovation in KVM switching. For the first time, FreeFlow allows users to automatically switch between target computers simply by moving the mouse pointer from screen to screen. What makes this such a revolution is that you no longer need software to be installed on your mission critical computers in order to work. ADDER FreeFlow resides on the CCS4USB switch itself, sensing screen boundaries and instantaneously switching keyboard and mouse to the defined target computer. FreeFlow can be configured for almost any combination of screens using the included application which allows you to rapidly and visually position screens and alter individual screen sizes.

The FreeFlow experience
In use, FreeFlow allows you to glide your cursor from screen to screen allowing the user to almost forget they are working across multiple different computers. Using the included management application, your screen setup can be configured in almost any way you choose.

FreeFlow technology is made possible by another unique ADDER technology, that of ‘USB True Emulation’ which is featured across the ADDERView PRO range and ADDERLink Infinity. USB True Emulation allows instantaneous switching of USB devices between computers delivering a perfectly smooth transition from one computer to the next.

  • Management Software, designed to allow fast device setup. Once set, FreeFlow resides in firmware only
  • Scaleable screen sizes to deliver proportional edge detection
  • Instantaneous switching
  • Easy duplication of screen configuration
  • Switch – Keyboard, Mouse, USB and Audio ports via CCS4USB

Management Software

  • Requires windows PC (XP/Vista/Windows 7).

FreeFlow compatibility

  • FreeFlow is OS independent. resides only as firmware on Adder KVM switch.
  • The FreeFlow installer, used to configure the unit is designed for Windows (XP and later) and MAC OS.

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